Stintino: history and beaches

Stintino is a little village located on the peninsula with the same name, in the northwestern part of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari. Inhabited by about 1,600 people, this beautiful fishing village is a popular summer tourism destination, known mainly for its wonderful beaches, rich seafood cuisine tradition and proximity to the Asinara National Park. A beach holiday paradise and a perfect spot to discover the amazing nature of Sardinia.

History of Stintino

The foundation of the Stintino village dates back to 1885, when the Italian government decided to build a penal colony and an epidemic hospital on the island of Asinara. At that time, Asinara was inhabited by 50 families, which due to the project had to resettle to other territories. After leaving the island, the majority of the families decided to establish a village on the neighbouring peninsula of Stintino.

A little village whose inhabitants made a living mainly from fishing, started gaining in popularity as a tourist destination in the 20th century. Nowadays, during summer Stintino is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The visitors appreciate the breathtaking nature, rich seafood cuisine tradition, emerald sea and wonderful beaches, with the beach la Pelosa being the most famous among them. Nearby la Pelosa there is also a little islet with an old tower of the same name. Built during the Aragonian dominion, the tower served until the first half of the nineteenth century as a part of the defensive and communication system on the Sardinian coast. Nowadays, the fortification is the hallmark of Stintino and an attraction of the area. Behind the little islet, there is a wonderful view on the island Isola Piana, located in front of the National Park Asinara, easily reachable by boat from Stintino.

Visiting Stintino

The little village of Stintino will enchant the visitors with its characteristic architecture and wonderful nature. The eastern coast offers numerous beaches with white and morbid sand, ideal for a calm and relaxing holiday. Apart from la Pelosa, another beach worth visiting is the beach Le Saline in Capo d’Orso. This spot, located about four kilometers from Stintino, is appreciated for the quartz sand and the remains of old salt pans in the area. Other wonderful beaches in the surroundings are Ezzi Mannu with beautiful dunes, Cala Coscia di Donna recommended for snorkeling, Punta Negra, Cala Lupo or La Pazzona, located about 10 minutes drive from Stintino┬╣. Fans of diving and snorkeling will enjoy discovering the rich and colorful marine flora and fauna. The peninsula is also a site beloved by surfers and kite surfers, who can rent the water sport equipment in various points along the coast.

During summer, the town hosts an event called “Stintino Summer Festival”, full of concerts and different cultural meetings. In July, the seafood gourments will have the opportunity to taste various dishes prepared with octopus, served during “La Sagra del Polpo”. Last but not least, tourists interested in discovering more about the history of fishing in the village, especially the tuna finishing, are invited to visit the Tuna Fishing Museum (il Museo della Tonnara).