Bosa – a town full of colours

Bosa Sa Costa

Bosa – a town full of colours

The town of Bosa has medieval origins, located on the west coast of Sardinia, about 40 km from Alghero.
It stands out between hills and sea, dominated by the presence of the Malaspina Castle, dating back to 1112, which can still be visited today.
Characteristic are the streets that wind from the castle to the slopes of Colle Serravalle, between small alleys and stairways that wind in the characteristic SA COSTA medieval district, formed by all buildings with colorful facades, thus creating a fascinating image. Another valuable architectural work is the Church of Our Lady of Regnos Altos (1300) with its frescoes of the Tuscan School, dating from the fourteenth century. Not far from the city is the Romanesque-Gothic church of S. Pietro: founded in 1062 and modified in several phases, its construction was completed in 1073.
BOSA is crossed by the River Temo and is the only river city in Sardinia.

The Temo is the only navigable river in Sardinia. Bosa has a beautiful coastline from Bosa Marina, to the beaches of Turas, the coves of Sas Covas, Cane malu, natural swimming pool and the area of Sas Covas, where there is a small port that is worth a visit.
Bosa is also rich in paths and natural routes that allow you to appreciate its agricultural resources combined with beautiful country churches open only on the day of the saint that remember San Pietro, Santa Giusta, Sant’ Eligio, SS Cosma and Damiano, San Martino, San Giorgio, San Maria Turuddas, San Maria Salvada.

Bosa is connected to Alghero thanks to a fantastic coast road from qaule is possible to access other beautiful coves and beaches: S’abba druche, Cumpoltittu, Tentizzos, Torre Argentina, Managu, Torre Marrargiu.
The malvasia, the artichoke, the oil, the lobster and the local fishes make the kitchen of high quality, wherever you decide to go to eat in Bosa, you are sure to enjoy special and natural dishes, little elaborated, you always let the taste of the raw material emerge.
Bosa is also renowned for the processing of gold filigree and coral, as well as its precious and exclusive filet. In the agricultural production excels the malvasia grape from which is born the fantastic wine, known throughout the world.

The festivities in Bosa are very special. On the second Sunday of September, Our Lady of Regnos Altos is celebrated with a long procession that winds from the district of Sa Costa to the Castle where mass is celebrated. Characteristic is also the Bosan Carnival, whose most important moments are: Thursday “l’aldaggiolu”, Carnival Sunday (representing the birth of the carnival), Shrove Tuesday with “S’Attitidu” (crying for the death of the carnival – in the morning) and “Giolzi” (the puppets symbolizing the carnival are burned – at night). Finally, on the first Sunday of August, a spectacular procession of boats on the river Temo to Santa Maria del Mare and the summer carnival around mid-August, dedicated to tourists not to forget the carnival that can be considered if not the most important certainly one of the most important festivals for the Bosani. Another characteristic feast is the 24th of June, San Giovanni, with the too much and the galloping of horses in the city. Finally, the feast of St. Efisio, patron saint of the city on 29 June, then other festivals that alternate throughout the year, the spirit of the bosani is goliardic and dedicated to enjoying the pleasures of life.
The city deserves your visit, colorful and alive as you see it at the first glance.