HOStOUR started to promote tourism in ithe nternal area of Sardinia leaving from Bosa with the aim of giving high regard to the tourist with a different attitude, looking at him and building with him a new approach based on the idea of creating a new system that can deseasonalise the tourism in Sardinia working it all year. There is also a new approach about thinking of tourism in Sardinia. Change is also here the word. We are all convinced that Sardinia is not only sea and sun but an incredible richness of culture that needs to be promoted. We think that the binomial TRAVEL and EDUCATION can represent a new approach and we mean to work upon it connecting Tourism and education in several fields such as :

  1. Connecting education and activities of internship in Sardinia

  2. promotion of European motilities and all services connected to the training activities

  3. promotion of intercultural exchanges;

  4. promoting education using entrepreneurship ;

  5. promoting education about tourism management in a new customer care approach

  6. improve the internationalization of Sardinian culture and traditions

  7. working on European and international projects

  8. offering services of digital implementation to the MPI enterprises.

All said, HOStOUR aims to give a new step to the Sardinian tourism : people visiting Sardinia will not be considered as an occasional visitor.