Hostour was born from the idea of stimulating the creation and promotion of eco-sustainable tourism by focusing on creativity, travel and education, with the intent to stimulate the professionalization of the tourism sector in the Region of Sardinia, starting from the intrinsic resources and identity of the territory.

Looking  at the tourist from the point of view of creative tourism as an opportunity and an alternative vision to the simple visitor, to recall the memory, to stimulate the imagination, to make him an active visitor who lives a territory that participates in initiatives, that benefits from knowledge and transmits it on his return.

Hostour is an active organization in VET (vocational training) activities addressed to Youth, through  Erasmus plus EU projects.

This is important also from an educational point of view, we are a staff that has been working on European projects for a long time and will continue to do so, projects that will see YOUTH as active visitors, with work based learning activities.

Experiential tourism will express itself through several formulas that will leave the opportunity to establish a direct relationship between the visitor and the territory, through also formulas creative tourism.

Film-tourism is another formula that will stimulate imagination, visions and images to the aim of developing curiosity and sense of belonging to a place you wish to visit.

Hostour offers several services in this sense that will be also available through the app VISIT-BOSA as soon as it will be available.

The start-up of the company is the result of a project that has been selected by the Region of Sardinia RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (RDP) through measure 6.2 – start-up of non-agricultural activities in rural areas (2017-2019).

Within the funded project is also under development an app for the territory of Bosa and Planargia that will be a useful tool for an informed traveler.