The HOStOUR company began with the idea of combining hospitality and tourism, starting from the city of Bosa and extending to the internal areas of the Region of Sardinia to highlight its historical and cultural aspects.
People usually think Sardinia is sea, but actually it is the centre of the birth of civilization and we want to extend this awareness.
We will tell you about it with projects that will involve young people and adults who will be involved in educational and cultural experiences. This will expand Sardinia in Europe and in the world culturally.
Not only European projects, mostly international, which will also include proposals for sustainable and eco-sustainable tourism, projects that focus on respect for nature and that not only see the Region of Sardinia for that wonderful sea that surrounds it, but that bring out the most hidden and true nature, more spiritual and deeper than only true travelers have the ability to grasp.
The start up of the company is the result of a project that has been selected by SARDINIA REGION RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (RDP) through measure 6.2 – business start-ups for non-agricultural activities in rural areas (2017-2019).